Monday, January 9, 2012

Cracked Heels: Product Review 1 of 2

Product Review Part 1: Foot Mask

Do you have dry skin that causes your heels to crack? These heel fissures can hurt and also make you feel uncomfortable. Can cracked heels really be treated and/or prevented? Are there such things as affordable and simple treatments? In this Product Review Part 1, I use two volunteers with foot problems to put our affordable and simple treatment to the test.

One has very dry skin and the other has dry skin and cracked heels. I've given each person 14 Purederm Intensive Foot Repair Masks "Avocado" today. They are asked to use the foot mask each night before they go to bed. They are asked to follow the instructions, meaning they need to wash their feet with warm water, then open the packet and wear the cloth foot masks, wear the clear disposable foot gloves over the masks, and then wear a pair of socks over that. Volunteers are also asked to time themselves for 30 minutes before taking off the socks and foot mask.

Photos were taken today.

Volunteer # 1: Mrs. T

 Volunteer #2: Mr. A


In order to test whether this product really works, we have to lay out a rating scale or "grade" .... teachers do this when they teach by using a rubric, "an assessment tool to communicate expectations of quality"(Source:

I've designed this rubric based on the product claims on the back of the packaging label:

Rate from 1 to 5 
(with 1 being the lowest quality and 5 meaning meeting the expectation)

Smooth feet & heels

Soften feet &heels
Repair rough and dry feet & heels
Repair cracked and calloused feet & heels
Improve the look of feet & heels
Improve the feel of feet & heels
Effectively moisturizes feet and heels
Feet and heels are healthier
Feet & heels have more radiant appearance

I will ask each volunteer to rate the claims above at the completion of the product review session.

I hope to share new pictures with you all in the next few days.

*Participant Request* If you are interested in participating as a volunteer and receiving some free samples for future product reviews, please send an email to

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