Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bidanpo Mediental Face Masks Series

Bidanpo Mediental Face Masks are a Korean brand that is particularly interesting because it is a combination of "cosmaceutical" = cosmetic + medicine. They are a combination of oriental medicine and skin science born in "Hana Green Oriental Medicine Clinic" from skin specialists who majored in Oriental Medicine at Kyung-Hee Univeristy in Korea.

I will give an overview of each the masks here.

Bidanpo Mediental Healing Mask  are a a result of bamboo + medicinal ingredients fermenting and maturing in a cloth mask. This is a convenient and easy to use one-step mask. There are four different types.

1. Balhyo-Mibaek - Whitens and improves skin pigmentation (25ml)
2. Balhyo-Boyangsu Moisturizes and regenerates skin (25ml)
3. Balhyo-Tanryeok - Anti-aging, reduces wrinkles, firms skin (25ml)
4. Balhyo-Jinjeong- Helps trouble / acne-prone skin and is good for sensitive skin (25 ml)

 Bidanpo Mediental Clinic Masks are a a result of bamboo + medicinal ingredients fermenting and maturing in a cloth mask. Thus, resulting in a "2-step" fusion. There are 4 different types and each has a Skin Booster Ampoule* as the first step.

1.  Maeseon-Tox - Anti-aging, reduces wrinkles & firms skin (25 ml)
2. Taeban-Yakchim - Moisturizes & regenerates skin (25ml)
3. Baek-Myeong MTS - Whitens & improves skin pigmentation (25ml)
4. Hwa-Chim TCA - Helps trouble / acne-prone skin & is good for sensitive skin (25ml)

*Skin Booster Ampoule - Mask Base Ampoule (3ml) : This skin booster ampoule, made out of 100% bamboo water, is an "effect booster." It helps maximize the effect of the face mask by providing a high absorption rate into the epidermis of the skin. It also helps improves the whitening and wrinkle reducing effects.

We look forward to sharing our full review of each mask in this Bidanpo Mediental  Face Masks Series!

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