Sunday, February 12, 2012

Featured YouTube Reviewer: alittleaboutalot

Natural Radiance wants to bring you only the best.  What better way to do that than bringing actual reviews of products from the very best people?!

Natural Radiance is VERY excited to get their first review of their products from the wonderful "alittleaboutalot."  Check out her video here:

Check out the products she has reviewed and many more at or click "OUR STORE" on the above tab.

Purederm Cucumber eye pads are soft pads pre-moistened with real cucumber and other soothing ingredients.  These pads are specially designed to rest on top of your eyes as you lie back and relax.  Enjoy the cooling sensation and natural aroma of freshly cut cucumber slices as Cucumber eye pads soothe your tired, stressed eyes.  After just one use, you will feel your face refreshed and soft.

Check out her YouTube channel HERE.

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Many thanks to alittleaboutalot's support, hard work and invested time. We hope to see many more reviews to come!

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  1. I have seen these in the stores, as of now, i bought the purederm masks:D

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